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The ‛NeuroMac School’ is the international Integrated Research Training Group (IRTG) of the CRC/TRR167, which promotes young scientists and liaises the participating sites in Germany and Israel.

The NeuroMac School is dedicated to a structured educational programme and is attracting the most talented students to the consortium. The modular training programme offers (i) supervision of the PhD, MD and MD/PhD students by a thesis advisory committee consisting of the supervisor and two additional investigators of the CRC/TRR, (ii) mentoring by a principal investigator of the CRC/TRR and a member of the newly established NeuroMac School alumni club (OB·OG), (iii) regular seminars, transregional lectures and the award-winning webinar series that promote learning and exchange, (iv) opportunities to present research results at annual retreats, an international symposium, winter/summer schools, and at public outreach activities, (v) a student exchange programme with lab rotations in partner laboratories of the CRC/TRR, (vi) participation in science-related workshops (e.g. bioinformatics, image analysis) and soft skills (e.g. competency management, scientific writing), as well as (vi) career coaching by members of the CRC/TRR and external advisors (e.g. industry, academia).

The NeuroMac School is tightly integrated into the larger graduate and doctoral programmes in Freiburg, Berlin and Rehovot, and complements their activities with expertise in neuroimmunology.

Coordination Office

Prof. Dr. Josef Priller (Head NeuroMac School)
Christian Böttcher (Manager NeuroMac School)
Jasmin Jamal El-Din (Manager NeuroMac School)


NeuroMac School
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