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Potsdam, October 10th – 12th 2018:

October 10th: The WinterSchool 2018 began with a NeuroMac Workshop, kindly held by Dr. Ralf Kühn from Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine (Berlin). Dr. Kühn gave the NeuroMac School students fascinating insights into the development of gene editing in mouse and human genomes using CRISPR/Cas9.

October 11th: On the second day, a NeuroMac WinterSchool Retreat took place. All NeuroMac School students presented their projects and the progress made in the last months, which led to fruitful discussions and constructive feedback among the audiences.

October 12th: The final event of the WinterSchool was a NeuroMac Minisymposium. Prof. Dr. Erik Boddeke (UMCG, NL), Prof. Dr. Elly M. Hol (UMCU, NL) and Prof. Dr. Bart Eggen (UMCG, NL) gave inspiring and impressive talks on the topics of: “Microglia in the aging brain”, “Human cerebral organoids for studying neuron-glia interactions” and “Epigenetic regulation of innate immune memory in microglia”, respectively. During the talks, as well as after the minisymposium, the students and the speakers had interesting discussions and exchanged ideas.