(Henryk Barthel, Leipzig & Josef Priller, Berlin)

The currently available PET tracers to image the 18-kDa translocator protein (TSPO) as expressed by activated microglia suffer from limited signal-to-noise ratios, limited dynamic range, and the dependency in their uptake on the affinity genotype. [11C]ER176 is a novel third-generation TSPO tracer which, according to recently published preliminary results by the National Institute of Mental Health (USA) group, seems to be promising to overcome these limitations. In this project, we plan to establish the radiosynthesis of [11C]ER176 (Sabri group). We will determine [11C]ER176 uptake by gamma-counting of human iPSC-derived microglia-like cells (Priller group). In a pilot small animal study, we will test this tracer pre-clinically to determine whether the tracer has potential for PET imaging of TSPO.